My name is Adrian Gadala. I was born on July 12 1996 in San Salvador. At a very young age, and in a Christmas day, my parents gave me a basic Yamaha keyboard, which completely blew my mind. I played with it for hours, and fantasized about the possibility of being able to play it fluently. During those years, I decided (with my parents help) to learn the basics for playing the piano, in order to reproduce the music I listened to in my iPod, or on the radio. Over the years I began to perfect my skills, and at the same time I started discovering new aspects of music. Perhaps one of the most important was around my 10 years of age, when in school I was introduced to music production, through a program called dance e-jay. One could assemble music tracks using the stock harmonies and melodies that came with the program. That hooked me, so much that I decided to order it and use it at home. This was around 2006 when electronic music was starting to become trendy, and although the program was very simple, it made me feel like a professional producer. I spent a couple of years with dance e-jay and later discovered another program that I liked a lot. It’s called Mixcraft, and this was a rather sophisticated program and far more professional one than dance e-jay. During these beginnings, I used many "loops" as part of the creative process, but I slowly started to learn how to record my own tracks and loops, and my compositions took a turn to become a little more original.

In 2011, through a friend who also had an interest in music production, I discovered Fruity Loops studio, something that has undoubtedly been the most important moment of my entire relationship with music. This workstation changed the way I saw production, and made it easy for me to learn while enjoying myself. Teaming up with my friend, we decided to form a duo and consequently started to work on productions. That year, I was a big fan of trance and its major exponents, especially Armin van Buuren. I devoted myself to replicate the sound of trance in a few, long, daily sessions on my computer. It was a million miles away from sounding like I wanted it to. Also, as it was not too elaborate or well done, very few people actually liked my tracks, or even listened to them. Fortunately, the critique from close people, provided me with huge motivation, and each day I worked with greater intensity. After a few months, the duo stopped working and I started to work music under my real name. Just as was I was improving in my ability to combine sounds and compose themes, my tastes began to change and evolve as well. Trance music ceased to be my favorite genre, and Progressive House kicked in, with other genres, mostly acoustic, and began to imprint my musical style. Starting in 2014, I decided to work genres such as deep house and progressive, with some influences of trance and others. Then, I discovered tropical house, and that was a game changer for me. I became intrigued by its simplicity and its peaceful, yet beautiful ambiences. I resonated deeply with it, and as a result my music began to shift towards this new direction. I focused on the “chill” aspect of production, and from 2015 until now, I’ve devoted my days to explore new musical styles and genres. All this under a new stage name: Drianu.”

On February 2016 Drianu released his track Netflix & Chill. This proved to be a new beginning for his career, due to the wide acceptance the track had. A few weeks later, after the release of Netflix & Chill , Drianu received the amazing news that he had been invited to participate in Miami’s Ultra music Festival. His debut was Sunday march 20th. After this incredible event Drianu’s career started to move uphill. Netflix and Chill reached its first million streams on Spotify, reaching now +3million streams. After his success with N&C, he continued to release music with great acceptance both locally and internationally. He also got the chance to play at the Virgin Hotel in Chicago and a few other shows. His latest release Good Times featuring the vocals of the talented Salvadorian singer Marx is charting fast in the radio stations reaching #1 in El Salvador’s most recognized pop-music Mil80 station and reaching #7 in electronic music’s100.1 ABC radio.

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